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I'm with genio on this one

This is taken from The Gospel of St. Thomas.......

Jesus said........The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you..........Not in mansions of wood and stone.............split a piece of wood and I am there, Lift the stone, and you will find me.

I think those are the most beautiful words, I have ever read, and is exactly how I feel.

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Past Imperfect
I was raised a Mormon.  Church was life, and vice versa.  As a child, there was church each Sunday, with Sunday School and Sacrament Meeting, Primary on Tuesday afternoons, and Family Home Evening, a church lesson at home, every Monday night.  And families took turns cleaning the chapel, so we did that at least one month a year, every Saturday.  And it got more invasive as you got older, what with Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching and Young Adult programs, and collecting Fast Offerings, and becoming a teacher for Sunday School or Priesthood classes.  There was no paid clergyman, just members called to serve.  But I left over doctrinal issues.  It seems they were wrong about God existing, among other things.

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... and what is a faith? ...

... is a faith a religion or, a philosophy or, a system that make you believe in "something" ? - I believe everyone believes in something and what they believe in is their faith and then ... (for me) I don't have to go to a bulding, whatever it's called, church, temple etc. to practice my faith.

I don't have to get bad conscience about not following what others say it's right and wrong, and it's a controller inside, taught from childhood, that give orders what to do or not ... (that figure isn't my best friend) ...

I guess my really faith is : relax - it's hard to follow, with the conscience as a terrorist but, I do my best to follow my faith =  - genio


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Be with the one that you love on Sunday love!

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I am like you I was raised Lutheran, almost the same as Catholic, and it was to church, sunday school, confirmation, youth groups the whole time I was growing up, but for some reason when I got married we quit doing the church thing, and my mom would always preach at me, things would change for you if you went to church.  We went with her to holidays but never on our own, maybe she is right, I am still waiting for that miracle

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