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Re: The problem

Defenitely, it is the ignorance that lies beneath the main core of the problem.

The thing is though, that Mexico has a population of about 100 million where at least 40% of the population lives in extreme poverty, and when I'm talking about extreme poverty, I mean EXTREME!

What does this mean to the point?

Well, people living in these conditions don't have access to anything but their own families and their "jobs". They don't know what goes on around, and what they hear is just a bunch of words they never get to understand. Obviously, that means a big lack of education, which leads us to the point you said. Education is the source of knowledge and truth of what happens. And that is held by the powerful ones.

Yes, the government takes a lot of advantage from this situation, specially because there's a lot of money, and power at stake. No-one will ever let their share go, it's the human weakness from the rich and powerful isn't it? They will always want more.

There are many people like me that are working to see something move to a different side, people who want to start a change, people who want to take advantage of any tool around to inform and plant the seed of doubt everyone needs to ask, speak and do...some others are afraid of that change.

We need to raise our voices, we need actions and that will take to major movements of masses. The union of people in Mexico would bring a better life.

The great problem then is fear. Fear of losing everything, because that's the way our governments have been feeding society with... Necessities fulfilled without the necessity of an honorable sacrifice; so we never give up things in order to fight for rights. Mexican people fight... or must I say Struggle?, anyways, the point is SURVIVE.

Thanks for your great comment Beat!

posted by Strange_Desire on August 25, 2008 at 9:14 AM | link to this | reply

The problem
The problem lies within the ignorance of the citizens. Now I do not say ignorant meaning everyone is stupid and is beneath everyone. No no no...I simply mean citizens of a country just do not know the truth. And even when they suspect lies no one demands the truth. The government KNOWS what they are doing when they do not tell the whole truth. They know they are sucking innocent lives into a huge mess. They know the general public is not educated on the situation at hand. But, they do not care they get rich and make those high up with in the country, those who mean something to the government get PAID! And that is how it goes. YOu say you want it to end. But do you really? Because that would mean that everyone EVERYONE has to get together and change. Change the government and FORCE them to do and make choices for the better good of society. Until everyone gets together and halts the unwanted it will remain the same.

posted by the_beat on August 20, 2008 at 9:00 PM | link to this | reply

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