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I can see your point Harvardgirl....

...and you do have some good points.  However, Hollywood used to express their opinions and move, they are MORE into Politics than they are the entertainment industry.  Hollywood IS Politics....and I disagree that that is how it should be.  I too embrace my freedoms, however, Hollywoods little rants and stupid remarks do not effect my freedom in ANY way...they just annoy the hell out of me.  It's such a useless waist of good actors and singers, etc.

As for Trump....I'm pretty sure I'm correct on this, but he has definitely moved toward the entertainment industry.  Of course he's a business man, and he saw a chance to make MORE money (eyeroll) by immersing himself in the world of entertainment....therefore, he's Hollywood.  But thanks for sharing your thoughts!

posted by SurvivorMom on July 21, 2007 at 9:53 AM | link to this | reply

You go girlfriend
I am with you on all points. I don't want to nor do I care to hear about any Hollywierd's opinions in politics. They are trying to sway us. I generally go Republican and am not dumb enough to let any of those people sway me. The could never make it in politics. They all read from a script anyway.(Hey I'll pay you to back Hillary-because she is a nut and she is behind in the polls)

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Sorry there ranting mom but...

Dear ranting mom,

Entertainers and politicians are one in the same to me, and Donald Trump is neither.  He is a business man, and this is a critical difference.  He has the ability, and skill to get both the entertainers, and the politicians to do anything he wants- he can afford the luxury.

On a second point art reflects our culture, and when we "shut up about it" we have shut down entirely, and our ART and entertainment industry has failed to thrive in a free country where we rely upon the ART to reflect our views and response to the movement of government.

If you make the people "shut up" you keep them from working and re-working the inner conflicts that makes our culture rich in many forms of ART.  We are a free country, and one of the downside to being free is you have to listen to a lot of dumb asses-

I hope not to ever be one- but often my ART reflects the way I feel, and I refuse to SHUT UP when I know something is wrong- this is a freedom I take quite seriously and if a entertainer wants to use a platform to promote social reform or talk to us about something meaningful, then I have no objection- let them spew!

Perhaps, one of them will get enough attention and press and Run for an office?

Oh, I forget, that happened didn't it...

Ladies and gentleman I give you Ronald Reagan!

So, go on and rant and get it all out, and in the end you will wake up free do it again, and this is one of those things I love most about being an American!

I wish more people would RANT, in public, and often about what we are doing- people are dying and that is a heavy price to pay, so please let them speak often someone is on a front line willing to die so that they can sing about the problems, and let it come out so that we can find out what is hurting!

Art, reflects how our people feel, and artist have an obligation to us to use the light they are given to shed light in the dark places- this is one of the most lovely parts of our culture-I treasure it deeply.©

Very Warm regards,

Tammie Anderson

Summer 2007

posted by Harvardgirl_global on July 17, 2007 at 3:19 PM | link to this | reply

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