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In response to anything regarding her position in our modern culture:

A lesson for an American girl- a poem by Tammie Anderson

A lesson for a American girl


September 10,2007

Ms Clinton stood by her man

broken told it would lead her places

now she is there

except she forgot that so many of us women

saw her stand by a man who make her look like a trained monkey

and now she wants to be our voice

not mine

as a woman

no trained monkey will due

there have been enough of those

in histrory

and politics could use a few less

no matter what the gender

this is not a gender issue

it is about using what you got

to carry the message to the people who follow

many women will stand by a man who mocks them


thank you ms clinton

and no

I can not vote for you to advance till you take another stand

and lead American women towards


from abusive men

this was your mistake

not to walk

if your advisors had told you to take a chance-

be bold

we would be looking at the

first woman

in our white house

but you let him mock you

and we don't need another woman to teach women in America

that lesson

by default

or otherwise

if you put up with enough shit will you advance?

let this be no.

no more putting up with shit from men who behave poorly

just to advance in society

the goddess would never

why should women in politics

be any other way

when she takes a stand

I will stand by her

till then- no way!©

posted by Harvardgirl_global on September 18, 2007 at 5:43 PM | link to this | reply

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