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Re: Posted by mariposa75

I am now hoping that was wrong.  With the new administration, there is an end to the "religious" aspect of the "war", at least from the U.S.

Some bloggers, however, don't seem to think so, and want to embroil the U.S. in the perpetual war of which I speak.

If ever we return to the psychotic psychology of the Bush years, God help us.

posted by Xeno-x on November 18, 2009 at 2:43 PM | link to this | reply

I'm reading this a little late (2 years), but - ... Anyway this is quite prophetic as the "war on terrorism" is obvious now. I am a Christian, but I am trying to see things from different eyes. I just read a comment you made somewhere and that's what got me to read you again. I am reading a good book right now showing me what jerks christians can be when they try to win the  "lost". We really need to be like Jesus and he probably wouldn't be accepted in most churches.

posted by mariposa75 on November 18, 2009 at 2:30 PM | link to this | reply

thank you Soterios for your comment

you state what has been stated for centuries and comes from a great misunderstanding of the Book of Revelation.

IN the first chapter, the author talks about what is to "shortly come to pass".

also, just about every scholar agrees that the "666" referring to the "number of a man" refers to Nero.

The work itself necessarily had to be put in vague, "prophetic" terms in order to avoid repercussions from the Roman authorities.  It itself is a tome entirely made of metaphor.   This of course lends itself to widely and wildly ranging imaginative interpretation, such as yours.

we deal in the here and now and in things that can definitely be predicted instead of things that cannot be seen in any way.

posted by Xeno-x on February 26, 2007 at 2:37 PM | link to this | reply

How can their be a rapture?  I hate rap music.

posted by Jenasis on February 26, 2007 at 8:50 AM | link to this | reply

Symbolism in Revelation
All these symbolic 'things' you mention are not to be taken literally, but rather figuratively.

The chaining up of the Beast/dragon, indicates that we are coming into a time where mankind is about to come into spiritual truth regarding the earthly presence of Satan and the stars he swept out of heaven (demons). These are the fallen angels which have let to the corruption of human souls since the creation of man. The bible mentions a New Age, where the Devil will be exposed for what he is...the arch deceiver and destroyer of earthly life in all it's forms. The bible mentions the humbling of mankind. You only have to look at what is going on in your neighbourhood to realise that the signs of the times are all around us. Increasing intolerance, lawlessness, religeous fanticism, increase of wars, famines, droughts, pestilences and diseases, moral degradation not to mention global warming. Why do we need the bible? Becasue it restores man's moral compass to the correct Polarity.
Most men don't realise that the way they live is 'wrong' in the eyes of God. They suffer from a blinded mind which fails to recognise the truth. The bible helps us to recognise that the good things in life come from straight living in adherance to God's laws. People refuse to come into the light because the light exposes the deeds they do and shows them up for the type of people that they are. Those who choose to be doers of the word, not only hearers of the word, are the ones that commeth into the light.

I don't know of any biblical reference to 'rapture', but there is a period of tribulation which will be experienced by both beleivers and non-believers alike. This is already manifesting as chronic illnesses and depression which are sweeping the globe. This is becasue humans have failed to recognise the truth of what they are and who their enemy is. Not only do we deny God, but we also fail to seek his protection from these forces. In short, a life-time of spiritual apathy and unholy living has resulted in "the whole earth lieth in wickedness".

The bible say that at the end of the age, the souls of men will be harvested by angels. Everything that causes sin and wickedness in the world will be removed, so that those left behind will be able to live righteous lives, free from spiritual opression. The meek shall inherit the earth.

The second coming of christ refers to the spirit of Christ filling (indwelling) the spirits of believers who have fought the dragon and cleansed themselves of the darkness encompassing their souls. These people are set to be the rulers of the earth in this New Age. They also, will be the people who have devoted themselves to serving God and not money.  In the next ten years you are going to start hearing more and more about people who are turning to prayer to fight spiritually inflicted illnesses. The second coming is not in the physical realm and Christ is not going to come down in a cloud, but appear to beleivers in the dream state as a spiritual manifestation of the divine presence.  As a carnal man (physical man) you still have no awareness of the powers existing in the spiritual realm. If you are a healthy person be glad that suffering hasn't led you to God for answers. The truth unfortunately cuts and humbles, but it also sets you free.

If you are still largely unconvinced, which I am sure you still are, read this book by psychiatrist Shakuntala Modi: "Remarkable Healings" Through clinical hypnotherapy she discovers demon spirits living in people who are able to inflict just about every known illness and disease on their human 'prey'. This is largely due to alcohol, substance abuse, anger, pornography, gambling etc. These demons actually hook into the spirits of people, who are totally ignorant of the danger. The patients she treats have all experienced angelic healings while in the treatment room. All these healings have been done using prayer requests in the session.

I was a complete atheist until i saw the 'angel of death' manifest itsself to me after I began to pray ernestly to God for my life. Be ye not deceived. Hell and heaven are real that you beleive your body to be. Make sure you don't end up in the former, like I almost did.

posted by Soterios on February 26, 2007 at 8:21 AM | link to this | reply

I appreciate our blogs.

posted by 123Clint on January 12, 2007 at 6:11 PM | link to this | reply

I agree we all have opinions

about Revelations, our own experiences and knowledge.  I do think the wars in the future will not be over territory or even resourses. The war will be between Good and Evil.  What can we do to increase Good?  That effort  may be  our soldiers goals for the future.  And that would not be a military effort.  Thanks for the post.


posted by Cameraeye on January 10, 2007 at 8:29 PM | link to this | reply

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