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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Get More Blogit Members

Each and every one of you has my permission to post my entry in your own blogs and to send it to Blogit in The Town Square and in e-mail, the links of which are the bottom of this entry.

Blogit has seen a decline in membership over the last several years. The time has long been due for Blogit to change the way it does business in order to attract more bloggers and readers. I believe I have the answer to how Blogit can increase its members. Given that Blogit still gets new bloggers, there are new people discovering Blogit every day who are not subscribing. The way to capture those people is to entice them to become readers. Open up Blogit.
What I mean by opening up Blogit is to allow people to read the bloggers here for free. If they wish to comment, those people must get a username, which is not unusual nowadays for websites to require people to have usernames to comment. Blogit could make money off of these users by running non-invasive online advertisements. The money would be split between Blogit and the blogger being read. does just that. It is not about the money, though, to us. We on the website want to interact, and having a readership that comments would do just that.
For those of us writing, things would be the same. We would still pay to post. Blogit would still get half of our payments with the other half being dispersed amongst those we read. Because we are paying, we would not have advertisements. That is not unusual. WheresGeorge members who pay do not see online advertisements, and PWInsider, a wrestling webite, does the same for its members.
Here is why I believe that my idea will work. There is so much great free online content out there that readers are conditioned to not paying for. We have a great collection of bloggers whose material is not free to read. We cannot compete. Once readership becomes free, I see us bloggers getting more reads and comments, and we are all talented enough to sustain a readership. Some readers will be enticed to become bloggers. By no means will anyone become rich, but for most of us, it is about the interaction. We would get the interaction we crave.
I am going to post this entry in The Town Square and will send Blogit an e-mail as well. I have the links below. Hopefully, you will do the same. Again, I grant each and every one of you permission to copy and paste this entry to Blogit and in your blogs. Hopefully, the more people Blogit sees requesting this change will cause them to implement it. In closing, feel free to comment or post your own ideas. If a better idea comes along, I will support it.

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