The Town Square: Where would George Carlin come down?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where would George Carlin come down?

in this controversy over Zenmom's comments.

You know where.

I remember the Smothers Brothers and their fight against CBS censorship.  They may have lost, bit they paved the way for more open expressions, such as Norman Lear's "All in the Family" and Archie Bunker.

I have complained just once -- actually twice.  The first time was against a blogger who, had this been a public forum outside of Blogit, would have been guilty of libel, could have been prosecuted.

The second was in the same vein, although it seems nothing was done about it.

 Name calling is part of public discourse -- it is not restricted under normal circumstances.  Sometimes the victim enacts retribution by calling names also.

I, and several of my peers who think alike, have been called names -- have been typified as making senseless statements and more by some of these same people who now object to ZenMom's actions, which are not that very much different.

If we cannot then make comments on others posts, then I guess we will have to post an opposing viewpoint.  I h ave, referring to the post with which I have disagreed; but have received objections from the poster -- and Blogit has also received such objections.

Freedom of speech is not a one way street.  Remember when it was -- that was called the "Dark Ages", and for good reason.  Only one explanation of spirituality and the Universe was accepted, with dissenters being dealt with by various unsavory means.

Thank God we are free to question.  Else we would be subject to the views of a few.

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