The Town Square: In defense of the woman who said 'godbot', you owe us all an apology!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In defense of the woman who said 'godbot', you owe us all an apology!

 Dear Blogit and fellow 'Blogiteers',

Personally, I just want to write and illustrate my poetry  - but this is too important right now so I am coming out of my poetry cocoon to put in my two cents worth on censorship.

In defense of the  woman who said 'Godbot' (a clever word I'd never heard before), your censorship may be causing all of us to be even more candid and certainly myself .
Actions are one thing, WORDS  another - this is about self expression and dialogue between humans using words  - letters of the alphabet.  You made a dialogue impossible for all of us because of this action of censorship - you cut off the supply of word oxygen for everyone.

I use Blogit to express myself in writing and other art forms, and to have an audience of other writers. If someone likes or doesn't like what I say, they can call me names and tell me their opinions. I don't care.  I'm a grown-up. I expect to deal with it or take my pencils and  and go home. 

Of course, no one who writes on Blogit (as is true of life in general), is the supreme authority on anything. That is why, just like in conversation, many voices should be heard (or in this case, read). Humans learn this way. AND, equally important, no one is immune from hearing how their beliefs and words affect others.

There are consequences to expressing your self. So 'if you can't take the heat, (whoops, I mean "words"), then get out of the writing stratosphere'.  The policy here should be: 'Say what you want, deal with the consequences, say what you again ..and be prepared to be criticized, praised, encouraged (and maybe severely) with WORDS.  

Why not? Isn't that better than being ignored - which is what often happens to those who only want to talk and never seem to listen.

This is not a high school English class, a police precinct or a nursery school.  Is not Blogit an art and learning forum, a vast arena where hopefully 'grown-ups' converse?   It appears that Blogit does not want anyone to 'deal with' consequences engendered by diverse opinion.  Some people unfortunately don't even realize others have other experience of life and different opinions. All the voices need to speak. There are angry ones, funny ones, pathetic ones, opinionated ones, profound ones, stupid and intelligent ones - I could go on and on.  It' s a study in humanity and spiritual growth. Usually you can tell who you are listening to after a few sentences.  I say teach them , learn from them , observe them, contemplate them, dialogue with them, or ignore them until they grow up, but don't relegate them to tatteling children who need to be defended from WORDS or 'monsters' who need their words controlled.  Self expression is not just about being heard - it is about being reacted to as well. This is how we humans learn.

Anyone who writes on Blogit, whether profoundly or ignorantly, beautifully or stupidly, maturely or immaturely has to know, as I do right now, that people will agree or disagree and probably tell you so.  So bring on the response  - even if  I 'write' an opinion about you and say a word you don't like or find 'offensive', heaven forbid. I mean you no harm - except a little enlightenment, which I know can hurt a bit if you only like to talk - and maybe  I will learn something from you and I will even change my mind in the process.

Please reconsider this action and further actions of this nature.
  It is really disappointing to writers to see this happen, you know. We are all just trying to be heard and taken seriously in all our states of writing maturity and experience. No one was served well by your action.

 Thanks for listening. I await your response and especially your apology to your writers on Blogit.

M. K. Horton

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