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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

vices & virtues

Anonymous: "May true Wisdom & Love shine in your heart as though through a prism, so that you can realize virtues in your life as clearly as you see the colors of the rainbow." This short study in virtues and vices can be seen as a simple introduction to my ethical theology. You can find twelve pictures here that each give a set of two vices and one virtue in the middle. This arrangement is due to the fact that virtues are opposed on the one hand by a vice that is a shortcoming and on the other... Sign in to see full entry.

Monday, June 25, 2007

the faith once delivered to the saints

EVERYBODY HIS OWN GOD (A plea for the Christian faith in the so-called postmodern era) by F. Chris Bouter MA PREFACE You have heard the Name of God often enough as a curse, as well as the Name of Jesus. I wonder why it is that people that do not even believe in God, use His Name as an expletive! Sometimes they blame Him for all kinds of problems in the world. Others have heard the Scripture that God is love, but when they observe all the troubles in the world they wonder how you can harmonize... Sign in to see full entry.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quo Vadis, Domine?-Chapter X

CHAPTER X QUO VADIS, DOMINE? Some time after Charlie wrote a long letter to John. It ran as follows. Dear John, I am terribly sorry for you that things went the way they did. I hope you may somehow find strength through this adversity. Marion joined a group of women that believe that God is female, transcending race and that Christ is some kind of docetic emanation from the universal and pantheistic mother spirit. Chuck fortunately has repented and made up with his paralyzed wife. But I am... Sign in to see full entry.

God's Infinite Greatness-Chapter IX

CHAPTER IX GOD’S INFINITE GREATNESS The next Wednesday evening Charlie was breaking the news to John's students. They had all turned up expecting John there, but instead they found out that Charlie lived there now. 'My dear friends and fellow students, there is nobody among us that can take John's place. Christ said that anyone that is a student of the kingdom, produces things new and old from his treasure. Well, John did that. He said things only he could have thought of and also he repeated... Sign in to see full entry.

Exommunication-Chapter VIII

CHAPTER VIII EXCOMMUNICATION It was Saturday afternoon and Chuck was walking down the street and his conscience was bothering him awfully. He had read in the Bible that fornicators cannot inherit the kingdom of God and that such people are outside, which had reminded him of the uttermost darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. He had been shocked back to his senses. But not whole-heartedly. It was in this frame of mind that he chanced upon John, who was doing his routine of... Sign in to see full entry.

Blasphemy Rebuffed-Chapter VII

CHAPTER VII BLASPHEMY REBUFFED 'Imagine the consequences of this blasphemous theory for the blessed Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is far above all these things!' 'Yes, it is really quite awful, I'm afraid,' said John, who was talking over the phone with an elder from his home congregation, telling him about the latest developments of his work. 'John, you may have to cleanse yourself from this man, cut him off like a limb full of gangrene.' 'But then my entire work here will be destroyed.... Sign in to see full entry.

What would Heaven be like?-Chapter VI

CHAPTER VI WHAT WOULD HEAVEN BE LIKE? 'Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, 'That saved a wretch like me. 'I once was lost, but now I'm found, 'Was blind, but now I see!' A group of about thirty people had come to witness Charlie's baptism. About half of them were Christians, friends of both John and Charlie and about half of them were acquaintances of Charlie that had come to show their respect for him and a few visitors had come out of curiosity. While they were singing a gang of bikers with... Sign in to see full entry.

The Conflict Deepens-Chapter V

CHAPTER V THE CONFLICT DEEPENS It was one Thursday afternoon and a few weeks had lapsed. John reflected on the way his Bible study was going and he was worried. 'Lord, if this goes on, then the elders of my home congregation will call me back and for certainly will send me abroad, which was their initial intention anyway. Arthur is getting more influence every time, particularly on Marion. Quo vadis, domine?' And after praying about it he went outside to knock on doors. Hardly had he set foot... Sign in to see full entry.

Confrontation-Chapter IV

CHAPTER IV CONFRONTATION 'God's Love is so great, Maria,' said John while he was sitting with Maria in the departure hall, waiting for a plane to take her to Memphis. Her temporary stay with the Christian couple had ended and now his own parents were going to take care of her for an undetermined time. 'I know; I'm experiencing that already through Christians like yourself. If all the world was made up by people like you, most of our problems would be literally gone out of this world,' an excited... Sign in to see full entry.

Miserere Mei Domine-Chapter III

CHAPTER III MISERERE MEI, DOMINE! John had been visiting the hospital the last few weeks to see Maria through her ordeal. He had heard her version of the story firsthand and he thanked her for saving his life, risking her own. Hers was a story of corruption, manipulating and being manipulated even though she was only fifteen years old. He discovered that she was in fact an intelligent girl and to his great satisfaction she accepted the gospel after he had explained it to her, witnessing about... Sign in to see full entry.

Memento Mori-Chapter II

CHAPTER II MEMENTO MORI 'I am the personification of sublimized tragedy, the ultimately paradoxical indiscrepancy.' 'What!' John said. 'Just mouthing off some depressed nonsense, man.' John answered nothing, but thought the more. 'Perhaps he has smoked a joint and is coming down from it,' he thought. 'I have the feeling that I am nearing the ultimate implosion of my inner being, or whatever.' 'The naked truth can hit us hard, Arthur,' observed John, not knowing what else to say. 'But more often... Sign in to see full entry.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

gospel of love-fictional treatise-Orientation-Chapter I

GOSPEL OF LOVE by Frederick Christopher Bouter © Institutio Scripturarum PROLOGUE Dear reader! Let me tell you the story of three very interesting people and of a few of their acquaintances. I had the honor of observing their lives during the course of a number of years. They are so interesting because on the one hand they are always entangled with each other and even embroiled in the occasional ruckus. But on the other hand they cannot seem to do without each other. And in this they complement... Sign in to see full entry.

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