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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Call

There are clouds to the right of me. Grey. A storm is surely coming. To the left of me, I see a pink sun peeking out of little windows cut into the clouds. I haven't been paying attention, is it dusk or dawn? You distract me from everything lately. The long grass along the shoulders is blowing every... Sign in to see full entry.


The moonlight brightens up the sky like one thousand cities, calling for you. I'm calling for you. Tell me. Did you see that moon? Did you see me wave to you? I left the words etched upon the surface with all the craters...'I'll love you always.' Tell me you saw that. It was hard for me to climb... Sign in to see full entry.

** Brightest Boy **

i feel brighter when you turn off those lights the ones above us swinging incessantly i sit up and try to blow them in another direction they have their own minds, however their own compass i lie back defeated cheated a way just me and the lights... swinging swinging b a c k and f o... Sign in to see full entry.


we're all animals here now here and now.. all animals. so give me a taste just one bite of your sticky sweetness you'll be the gazelle and i'll be the lion. you... full of grace and beauty me... just ready to pounce. so let me stalk you i'll be quiet and sneak up from behind admiring your lust and... Sign in to see full entry.


my mother had a talk with me about hormones today. "why don't you start taking them?" she says. and for the tiniest moment my heart skipped a beat. could she mean...? no. of course not. FEMALE hormones. to make my skin smooth and my shirts snug in the boobs i guess to prove that i can still wear a... Sign in to see full entry.

=-= PHOENIX =-=

Like a phoenix rising from the flame. Stretch my neck and change my name. Stick my chest out just a little bit more. Yeah, like that. Show them who I am under this flesh. Show them my bones. That I'm brave enough to let the flames burn away the layers until I found who I really was. Aiden James.... Sign in to see full entry.

Your Sunflower

Out here, you can hear the snow melting under a heat lamp most commonly called the sun. It illuminates everything, the sun. Makes the snow turn into a million shining crystals. Too blinding to look directly at. Yes, out here you can hear almost everything. The grass trying to surface from underneath... Sign in to see full entry.

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